If you’re interested in applying for a career with us, please visit our main office at:

239 Oak Grove Avenue
South Beloit, IL

If you would like to complete an application before coming in, you can find our application here:

Axium Foods Employment Application

You may also complete the application and mail it to the address above, to the attention of our Human Resources Department. If you’d like to email your application and resume, please send them to:

We’re hiring!

Our Team Members work hard at making high-quality snacks for some of the biggest names in the business. Come join us for an opportunity to learn and grow!

Blueprint Operators – 1st and 2nd shifts
Palletizers – 1st and 3rd shifts
Pearson Inspector – 1st and 2nd shift
Packaging Machine Operators – 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts
Packers – 2nd and 3rd shifts

Breaker – 3rd Shift
Tortilla Sheeter Operator – 3rd shift

Sanitation Tech – 3rd shift

Maint A Technician – 3rd Shift
Wastewater Tech – 3rd Shift

Quality Control
Inspectors – 1st and 2nd shift