Product Info – Gluten

At Axium Foods we realize that gluten in food has become a concern for many individuals. Here at our facility, we manufacture snacks that contain gluten and snacks that do not.

Wheat is a source of gluten and we do manufacture snacks made with wheat in our facility. All snacks we make that contain wheat will have it listed in the ingredient list on the package.


Many of our products also contain oat fiber. Oats are currently not considered to contain gluten, and to support this statement, our oat fiber supplier has tested their product and found it to contain less than 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten, and in most cases, less than 5 ppm.  The current guideline for claiming gluten free is less than 20 ppm.  Because of this, we are able to use the claim gluten free on snacks containing oat fiber but not wheat.


That’s the data; the personal data is this: This is an issue that touches us all. Many of us here at Axium Foods have family or friends who are either sensitive or intolerant to gluten. In fact, the president of our company has a neighbor who has celiac disease and has eaten our gluten free snacks without any adverse reaction. (And Jerry assures us that his neighbor is someone who wouldn’t hesitate to let him know!)


Our commitment to our product is strong but our commitment to everyone who enjoys our snacks is even stronger. We hope if you have questions concerning gluten, or any other ingredient in our snacks, that you’ll contact us and let us know. Thank you

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